• Alice in Rubberland

    Alice in Rubberland

    Where women's love for fetish transforms them forever

    Rob's art philosophy

    With his photorealistic pencil drawings, Rob explores the beauty of the female body, which in combination with his own fantastical 'makellose' an elastic and highly polished rubber material that transforms all whom it touches into fetish perfection.

    With the means of illustration, Rob succeeds in going directly and joyfully beyond the real world and filling the subject of eroticism in general and fetish in particular with new content. Thus his heroines avail themselves to frequently dangerous liasons with strange plants, or they mutate after a love night with unknown insects and even to enticing insect women to enjoy their bodies.

    Although Rob's geniuses are sometimes in situations that seem hopeless for them, the depiction of pleasure rather than of pain is in the foreground! By virtue of their positive attitude, the protagonists and the dignity of the represented protagonists are preserved. The male element is usually only present indirectly in the form of tentacles, or phallus-like fantasies, so that the attention can be directed entirely to the represented women.

    To view his full catalogue and art works for sale visit Rob' site to explore the bizzare world of Alice in Rubberland!


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