• Leather Clothing Care

    Leather Clothing Care

    Keep your leather garments in top condition for maximum enjoyment!

    Now is an ideal time to thoroughly inspect your wardrobe of leather clothing and attend to any maintenance that may be required. At The Love of Leather we live our lives in leather so our garments see the full scale of daily wear and tear, thankfully leather is easy to keep in good order with the correct techniques and equipment.

    The following are routine leather care procedures we need to use on all our leather clothing;

    Removing stains and thorough cleaning.

    Whilst a good wipe down with a damp cloth after wearing helps keep on top of leather cleanliness, every so often it is necessary to give a deeper clean to ensure that no impurities penetrate deeply and potentialy weaken the leather from within. For this you will need a specialist leather cleaning solution. We have found that the best leather care products come from Spain and that the TRG brand are excellent and widely available online.

    We employ TRG Universal Cleaner on all our leather. To clean leather items routinely apply the solution to a cloth and wipe over the surface of the leather and simply allow to dry. To remove stains apply the soluion directly to the affected area and leave for several minutes, then with a sponge dampened with water rub until the stain disapears. remove any foam and leave to dry naturally.

    Restoring faded leather.

    After repeated rubbing and exposure to the sun, leather can begin to fade. This is not a problem and can add extra character to a garment as it moulds and changes to the wearers lifestyle. However, it is good to know that you can easily restore the finish to a deep lustering colour with Leather Renovating Balm also from TRG. The balm is a thick cream available in all colours, apply with a cloth in a circular motion and polish to remove any excess. Have a go on a small area first but we have never had any problems with the product, and it is great fun to able to rejuvinate an old leather item and give it a new lease of life - very useful for second-hand leather items!

    Minor scratches and abrasions.

    These occur quite often and can be treated with leather balm as above for fading rennovation. The balm is able to fill small cracks and scratches and when polished the item looks as good as new - very relieving to know an expensive leather garment can be easily restored!

    Those are the most common leather care tasks we carry out ourselves and we hope you can keep your leather garments in top order as well. TRG have their own website trg-theone.com and their products are available from specialist leather care retailers online.

    Love your leather and keep it well,

    Leather Lady & Leather Man.


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