• Leather Dogging

    Leather Clad Dooging at Night

    We have been indulging in our love of leather clad sex in the great outdoors lately, and are thoroughly loving dogging with fetish fuckers at night. A few days back when we both went out together in full leather was amazing, I was wearing ankle boots, no stockings or tights, a really tight just above the knee leather skirt, biker jacket and gloves with my hair in a high ponytail, I looked like a total whore and was really in the mood for some fucking, the leather man was also in full black leather from head to toe. As we walked to our dogging spot the leather man pushed his leather gloves tight into the rear of my leather skirt, fingering me through the leather, his cock out of his leather pants, its bellend pulsating hard against my leather skirt - I was so ready to get fucking!

    We got our preferred location in our local woods and I stood there, legs as wide apart as the skirt would allow as the leather man began groping my tits and arse through the leather, I was so turned on making such a display of my lust for leather sex outdoors. A few minutes later a flash light slowly made its way towards us and the figure of a man appeared before us and the light went out. The leather man carried on rubbing my leather clad tits and arse and the stranger soon joined in, cupping my big tits and rubbing his hand firmly over my leather clad thighs, running a hand up between my legs and fingering my cunt. I wanted him hard so I turned around and bent over, presenting my leather skirted arse to the stranger, rubbing myself with my leather gloves. He seemed a little slow to indulge so I took hold of his hand and slapped it firmly against my bottom and began rubbing him into me. He got the idea and as he stroked and rubbed my leather arse harder and faster, his breathing changed to deep heavy gasps. I stood up and he came around in front of me "what do you want to do now" he said as his hard cock stood proud of his trousers, "cum on her leather" the leather man said. The stranger began wanking hard right in front of me and I was loving it! I had one arm around the leather man and the other around the stranger, my legs spread wide and one leg raised and hooked around the stranger as he stared at my leather and stroked his cock, pulling back his foreskin as my leather glistened in the moonlight. I was cumming already from the sexiness of it all and my thrusts and gorans soon had the stranger pumping his cum load all over the front of my leather skirt and I came again at the sight of his cum on me.

    The stranger promptly zipped and left, thanking us for the event. I still needed fucking, and bad. I got down on my knees and sucked on the leather man's hard cock, hitching my skirt right up as I did so. I then got down on all fours and the leather man straddled me from behind, I grasped his cock in my leather gloved hand and shoved his cock right up my dripping wet cunt. He thrusted hard and deep, shooting his cum load inside me, filling me with his spunk!

    I loved it and am now a regular leather dogger fucking my way through lucky strangers with my leather man


    Leather Lady


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