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Leather Fetish

Welcome to our leather fetish site! Owning a large collection of leather clothing is a pleasure in itself. Opening the wardrobe door to greated by the scent and sight of an extensive array of leather trousers, skirts, tops, boots and more is always rewarding. To pull the tight leather on, zipping and buckling the fasteners deliciously tight is a pleasure every time. Feeling the tight grip of our leather, feeling it stretch and hearing it creak and moan as we admire each other clad in leather is very exciting.





But that's not where we like to leave things. Our love of leather is not confined to our bedroom, we live the leather life and for us that means wearing our leather clothing everyday, for every occassion, and that is what we want to introduce you to and share with our Galleries and Leather Stories.


On our site you will be able to read about how we enjoy wearing our favourite leather outfits, stories of our leather fetish excursions and what is is really like to live as leather lovers in the everyday world.









Building a leather collection can seem daunting, especially the price tags! We will be including reviews of our existing leather wear as well as the new items we aqcuire, helping you to make a more informed choice. We also bring you the best online leather and fetish stores in our Sex Shop for you to puruse and add to your own collection.


We hope you will enjoy following our leather life, perhaps seeing us in places and locations familiar to those of you in South Devon, and most importantly to us, showing you that it is posible to be an open lover of leather and that anyone can enjoy that pleasure of leather - that is to actually wear it!





Of course, wearing all this tight black leather does have an effect on us; as leather lovers we are obsessed with leather fetish sex in all it's kinky permutations, and this we also enjoy sharing with you in our Leather Stories.

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Fellow leather lovers are welcome to contact us using the email link below and we would love for you to submit material for inclusion on our site in the Guest Galleries and Leather Stories pages !

Leather Life

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